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Paros Life - May 2007
by Nicolas Stephanou & Claire Kalemkeris

The great thing about living in a small community in a free country is that you can participate in actually making things better - democracy in action. The reality is that your voice, your vote, your participation is much more keenly felt when the population is not so large. PAWS is an organization committed to improving the life of dogs and cats that have no place to go, fundamentally no voice and not a lot of clout in the political process without some human and humane intervention. The whole reason PAWS exists is to provide refuge where there was none and make sure that animals with no voice have a chance. PAWS has provided a civilized alternative to what is a civic problem.

The administration of PAWS has been in office for the past two years which according to our charter means it’s time for elections.

On Sunday May 13 at Archilochos Assembly Hall, at 12:00 noon, we will be holding a General Assembly meeting at which point elections will be held to select the new board of administration. The agenda will also include a review of the achievements of the past two years as well as the financial accounting and independent audits required. We encourage people who are interested in animal welfare to become involved.

The only way for real change to happen is for actual participation from more people who live here. Membership is a requirement to participate in elections. Please see below how to request or renew your membership. Our hope and ambition is to have many more people who live here involved.

Any member who is interested in running for a position on the board of administration must declare themself as a candidate by May 3, 2007 to the current board of administration.
PAWS cannot flourish without people on Paros sharing their time, energy and concern.
Genuinely looking forward to hearing from you.