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Paros Life - September 2006
by Nicolas Stephanou

It may be boring to repeat it once more but it looks like I will have to do it: animal welfare services can be provided on Paros only if everyone concerned gives a little of his time and/or financial help to the local humane society.

PAWS is the only provider of animal welfare services on Paros, but its very existence is fragile because it depends on the goodwill of very few persons.

Two years ago the municipality expressed some interest in providing some financial help, and the Municipal Council approved the sum of 5,850 euros in February this year, but nothing has actually materialized yet.

Furthermore we had the occasion to experience a reality check with an event that happened on August 12th. PAWS was informed that a cat had been trapped for three days in a sewage pipe in Ventouris Square. Freeing the animal would involving breaking the ground and then the underground pipe where the animal was stuck. I contacted the fire brigade, the water company and the municipality. All three services refused action and didn’t seem to worry that a cat was going to have a horrible death in one of the town’s main squares, under the eyes (and the ears) of astonished residents and tourists. Finally a private citizen, with PAWS support, was able to release the animal using a small compressor. This incident reveals the absolute deficiency of public services as far as animal protection is concerned, and should prompt anyone worried by the situation to support or to join the Paros Animal Welfare Society. As we have been constantly repeating, PAWS needs many people that give their support and a little of their time and/or financial help. Only then will we have a dynamic organization able to provide continual services and to effectively lobby the authorities.

Please call now: PAWS, Paros and the animals need you!

* On the occasion of the municipal elections, PAWS will present a series of questions to the two mayoral candidates, hoping that their answers will reveal their expected action (or inaction) concerning animal welfare on Paros. The interview will be published in October’s issue of Paros Life; so make sure to read it before deciding for whom you will vote!

* And a pre-announcement: a PAWS Grand Benefit Dinner will take place at the Happy Green Cows restaurant in Paroikia on Saturday, 21st October. Besides being a fundraiser, we would like this event to be an occasion for all persons concerned by animal welfare on Paros to meet, exchange thoughts and renew their active support to PAWS.